Instant CSR and sustainability

Nature nurtures the soul, inspires and connects

The FMCCA lies in the centre of the Antwerp ZOO, a part of the ZOO Foundation, a place of animal welfare, nature conservation and science. A place from which the FMCCA derives its huge and quite remarkable social relevance and anchoring.

Anja Stas, Chief Commercial Officer FMCCA: “Every cent spent at our conference centre is managed by the ZOO Foundation and directly contributes to our efforts in the field of animal welfare, heritage, breeding programmes, research and nature conservation. All of this is aimed at the welfare and survival of our zoological friends.”​

Protection of threatened species and research on fundamental nature conservation is part of our DNA as a founding partner of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA). Scientists are convinced of nature’s role in our overall feeling of happiness. Nature nurtures the soul, inspires and connects. That is what the FMCCA offers, a conference centre surrounded by nature, tropical animals and the most beautiful garden.

Our catering also reflects our sustainability policy.