General Terms and Conditions



The consumer does not have the right of withdrawal from the purchase

1. This Website (the “Website”) is the property of and is managed by VZW KONINKLIJKE MAATSCHAPPIJ VOOR DIERKUNDE VAN ANTWERPEN, registered in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises by the number 0407.186.105 and having its registered office at 2018 Antwerp, Koningin Astridplein 26, hereafter “KMDA”.

2. These General Terms and Conditions (the “T&C”) are part of the agreement between you and KMDA. By viewing the Website and by using it, you declare to have read, understood and to have accepted these T&C unconditionally. Given the importance of these T&C we recommend you to read them very carefully.

3. On the Website you can buy online entrance tickets (hereafter “Online Tickets”) for the Zoo of Antwerp, Dierenpark Planckendael and/or Serpentarium Blankenberge and for events in the Elisabeth Center Antwerp produced by KMDA. An Online Ticket is defined as the document that is ordered and paid for on the website of,, and and is printed by the buyer, meant as entrance ticket for the abovementioned parks (the “Parks”) or the event in the Elisabeth Center Antwerp (the “ECA”).

4. Besides Online Tickets it is also possible to purchase entrance tickets for the Parks and/or an event in the ECA by telephone or directly at the Parks or the ECA, hereafter jointly called “Entrance tickets”.

5. For the events in the ECA, these T&C are only applicable to the purchase of Entrance tickets (Online Tickets, tickets ordered by telephone or tickets bought on the spot) for productions of KMDA itself. The sale of Entrance tickets for productions other than the ones produced by KMDA, happens through other channels and is not covered by these T&C.

6. By visiting the Parks or the ECA you accept the park rules / hall rules and the Privacy policy.

7. The Entrance tickets are booked at the moment that the registration form is sent at the Website or at the moment of booking by telephone. They are sent to the buyer after the payment has been received.

8. When ordering Online Tickets, before paying the buyer has to give the e-mail address to which the Online Tickets should be sent after payment. The buyer himself is responsible for giving a correct e-mail address. KMDA cannot be held liable when the buyer does not receive the Online Ticket due to an incorrect e-mail address.

9. When ordering Entrance tickets by telephone, the payment will be done by bank transfer. After KMDA has received the payment, the Entrance tickets will be sent per post to the address as given by the buyer during the booking by telephone.

10. When the buyer has not received his tickets before the last 4 working days prior to the day of the event, he has to call the following telephone number: 03/609.71.00 during opening hours.

11. The Online Tickets have to be paid directly when booking them, via the payment platform as foreseen on the Website. This payment platform is directly managed by INGENICO Payment Services. KMDA is not responsible for this payment platform. When this payment platform (temporarily) does not work for any reason, you cannot buy Online Ticket(s). In that case you will have to go to the cash registers of KMDA or order your Entrance tickets by telephone.

12. All taxes and VAT are payable by the buyer.

13. The booking of the Entrance tickets will be cancelled by KMDA when they are not paid within the indicated due date. In that case, KMDA has the right to release these Entrance tickets again. The time limits will be strictly applied when an event is almost sold out.

14. Every amount that remains unpaid on its due date shall by force of law and without formal notice be increased by an interest rate of 12% per year until the complete payment and by a lump sum of 10% of the principal amount, with a minimum of 40,00 EUR.

15. The visitor of the Website who makes a purchase, will be seen as the only buyer. He/she is the only person obliged to pay, even if the Online Tickets are destined for a third party. The Online Tickets cannot be resold, nor can they be offered to third parties in the context of a commercial relationship.

16. The Online Ticket is only valid when it is printed perfectly legible (color or black and white) on white A4 paper. When the ticket is illegible and/or of bad quality, the access to the ECA or the Parks can be denied. Each Online Ticket can only be used once and only on the date mentioned on the Online Ticket. Each attempt to abuse, forgery or fraud will give KMDA the right to start civil or criminal proceedings. An Entrance ticket will not be paid back or exchanged.

17. Only the party first presenting the original Online Ticket is granted access to the Parks or the event at the ECA. Each ticket offered a second time will be seen as a copy and will not allow access to the Parks or the event at the ECA.

18. When the program, the seating, the availability of the seats, the date, the place or the price changes or the whole event at the ECA is cancelled, the liability of KMDA is limited to the reimbursement of the ticket price. KMDA cannot be held liable for any other damage that may arise from the occurrence of such event. The Entrance tickets have to be returned within two weeks after the date of the event to be eligible for reimbursement. The return needs to be done on the following address: Koningin Astridplein 20, 2018 Antwerpen.

19. The complete content of the Website is the property of and is being controlled by KMDA. You can only download the content for your own use in the context of the order of Online Tickets and for non-commercial purposes. Amending or multiplying the content is not permitted. The content cannot be copied or used in any other way. KMDA does whatever is reasonably possible to provide current and correct information on this Website, but does not guarantee the accuracy, the validity or the completeness of the information provided. KMDA is not liable for any damage or disadvantage, originating from your access or not being able to access the Website or access with delay to the Website, or from your use of any information that is provided on the Website. The Website may contain links or referrals to other websites. KMDA is not responsible in any way for the content of these other websites and is not liable for any damage or disadvantage originating from the content thereof. Each link to other websites is only provided for the convenience of the users of this Website.

20. KMDA has the right to amend these T&C any moment and without prior notice. These amendments are applicable as from the moment that they appear on the Website, unless otherwise stated.

21. The right of withdrawal, stipulated in article VI.47 of the Code of Economical law (WER) concerning market practices and consumer protection in the case of distance selling, is not applicable. KMDA refers to art. VI.53, 12° of the Code of Economical law (“the consumer cannot practice its right of withdrawal stipulated in article VI.47 in case of (…) the provision of accommodations other than for residential purposes, transport, car rental services, catering and services concerning use of leisure time, when there is a certain date or period of execution provided in the agreements”). The Online Tickets are covered by “services concerning use of leisure time” as mentioned in art. VI.53,12° WER.

22. The nullity or non-enforceability of one or more (parts of) terms of these T&C will not have any consequence for the validity or enforceability of other (parts of) terms, that remain in force.

23. This agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Belgium. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Antwerp, department Antwerp for any dispute arising out of or related to this agreement.