Elisabeth Catering

Mouthwatering and fingerlicking!

Our top-notch catering facilities in a unique location guarantee a carefree welcome to your guests. By keeping our catering in-house, we can offer you the best quality food and drinks experience.

There is no better place to welcome your guests than this exclusive location with beautiful gardens, breathtaking architecture and exotic animals. Dine with the fish in the Aquarium or with the roaring of lions and the trumpetting of elephants in the background.

The combination of our in-house catering and the mesmerizing setting together with the proximity of wild animals offers you an exclusive and unique experience.

We offer you the best locations for corporate events, receptions and meetings.

Sustainable catering

Elisabeth Catering reflects our sustainability policy.

Viswijzer.jpgThe Elisabeth Center Antwerp catering service follows the Viswijzer (Good Fish Guide), in their selection of sustainable fish.

This quality labelled fish is sustainably caught or farmed. Carefully farmed fish with a minimal impact on the environment, or fish that is caught with respect to the overfishing quota are called ‘good fish’. In addition, we don’t serve foie gras, tuna, and endangered species in any of our parks.

The Elisabeth Center Antwerp catering service is Rainforest Alliance certified. Rainforest Alliance.jpgRainforest Alliance is an independently controlled label, with a focus on the protection of biodiversity and the environment.

Streekproduct.jpgOur use of regional products minimizes our ecological footprint.Streekproducten.be was founded to promote and recognize traditional regional products.

Elisabeth Catering - Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp
Elisabeth Catering - Flanders Meeting & Convention Center AntwerpElisabeth Catering - Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp